Probably you are thinking of pursuing a nursing career. And you are a bit confused as to whether you want to take an LPN program or rn course. To help you decide which from the two is best, we will differentiate each from the other. The two vary in three areas. They vary in the length of the course. They also differ in functions, duties, and responsibilities. Finally, they vary in Salary and Benefits.

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) also known as the Licensed Vocational Nurse takes a year to finish; it’s undeniably quick most especially when you are in a rush to get a nursing career. While the RN (Registered Nurse) degree will take four years of full-time study before you can jump to the job you want. Not to mention the duration, both programs will eventually let you land a career in the hospital, in health care facilities, a medical institution or in health care homes.

LPNs responsibilities also differ from that of a RN. LPNs get their job from the supervisor, meaning they are dependent to the doctor’s or physician’s directions. The scope of their job includes administering of the patient’s medication and supervising the nurse assistant as to what to do. They also perform other procedures as ordered by the doctor. In contrast to that, RNs are given the independence to work with minimal supervision. Their longer trainings and work experiences has gained the trust of physicians allowing them to work independently. RNs unlike LPNs have a broad job scope. They follow a course of action called a nursing process. This process focuses mainly on the patient’s needs. It is a method where they assess the condition of the patient, and through assessing they analyze the problem and find a resolution.

The salary and benefits of a Registered Nurse from a Practical Nurse is a lot different and way higher. A registered nurse can receive an annual income amounting to $70,000 while the annual salary of a practical nurse ranges from $30,000 to $40,000. Aside from the Government Mandated Benefits both get, they also get mortgage subsidies per year –only they differ in amount, RNs get a higher allowance. Now it’s up to you to decide which nursing career you’re going to pursue –LPN vs rn, What are you going to choose?