Licensed Practice Nurse School In CT

The Connecticut League for Nursing has stated that by the year of 2010, Connecticut will have to have 11,100 new nurses. In order to provide nursing care, licensed practical nurses need to be supervised by a registered nurse or a physician. They are found in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s clinics, facilities for nursing care, and health care services rendered at home. They are needed for duties in bedside care and taking vital signs, giving prescribed medications, bathing and feeding, wound cleaning, provide the patient’s family with health teachings, among others.

The LPN program is finished in about a year or so, depending on your school’s protocol. In order to become a licensed practical nurse in Connecticut, you will have to efficiently finish a program approved by the state’s Board of Nursing. After completing the licensed practical nurse program, a graduate needs to pass the NCLEX-PN. PN graduates are eligible to practice for a maximum of 90 days or about three months in a practical nursing post that is supervised while they wait for the NCLEX-PN.

If you want to finish a program outside of Connecticut, then you will undergo a procedure that will need to assess and verify your completion of theoretical and clinical studies. Let your Practical Nursing Program Dean or Director to fill out a form from the Connecticut Department of Public Health to be able to apply for your license together with the Department of Public Health in Connecticut.  

In choosing the schools that are accredited by the Connecticut Board of Examiners for Practical Nurse Programs, here is a list of license practical nurse schools in Connecticut to help you out:

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