LPN Programs in Arizona

A licensed practical nurse or LPN is a nurse that underwent training to be able to do medical procedures supervised by a registered nurse or a doctor. An LPN requires a year to a year and six months of education with clinical training in order to practice with license. Here are the steps to qualify in the licensed practical nursing programs in Arizona:

First Step

Enroll in a training program to qualify to take the NCLEX-LP examination. It would mean you have to find an accredited community college or a school specializing in vocational courses.

Second Step

Finish the required courses in science: Anatomy and Physiology, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Pediatrics and Obstetrical Nursing, etc. Then make an application to the training program that you wish. Keep in mind that education programs in nursing have very competitive options to choose from in order to be admitted

Third Step

After you are accepted, finish the training program then apply for an NCLEX in licensed practical nurse examination.

Fourth Step

Give the application packet for license to the Arizona State Board of Nursing that includes that you have completed your training in an education program and also attach your score in the NCLEX-LP examination, together with your fingerprints and the said fee.

If you are a licensed practical nurse coming from a different state, ask to be endorsed in order to apply for a license fir to work as a licensed practical nurse in Arizona. If you are a licensed practical nurse from a different country, you have to take the NCLEX LPM examination and then submit your score with an IELTs exam or an English proficiency proof, your status of legality to stay in the U.S. and a verification that you have completed the needed education requirements from your country.

Remember to apply for license renewal every five years and make it a point to work at least the minimum required number of hours (at least 960 hours) during that span of time. If you fail to do so, you will need to undergo a refresher course to be able to continue your practice as a licensed practical nurse.

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