LPN Programs in Connecticut

LPN Programs in Connecticut are exclusive to vocational or technical schools, schools that are private, hospitals and colleges. The state regulates that under the approval of the commissioner of the Department of Public Health, the Connecticut Board of Nursing should approve the nurse program.

What is a licensed practical nurse? Basically, an LPN is a part of the health care team that works supervised by a physician or a registered nurse. They are responsible for basic nursing care like providing the patients comfort and safety.

The State of Connecticut regulates the course of the practical nurse program. The course outline includes the subjects elementary principles of psychological and biological as well as behavioral sciences, fundamentals in nursing, medical and surgical nursing, maternal and child health nursing, and geriatric nursing. It is required to undergo the program in a length of 230 days. It is required to enhance and instill the skills and knowledge needed to work in the health care setting.

The completion of a LPN Programs as approved by the Connecticut state will make the students qualified to take the licensed practical nurse examination. The NCLEX-LPN examination is composed of the subjects as mandated by the Department of Public Health in collaboration with the Board of Nursing. There are 14 state credited practical nurse programs today. These programs are offered in the Connecticut regional vocational-technical schools and the New England Technical Institute. Fortunately, the programs are willing to provide financial help to those deemed qualified. The main requirement of the programs is a diploma in high school or GED, passing an interview and the entrance exam.

In other schools that do not offer licensed practical nurse programs, licensed practical nurses need to enroll in transition classes to be able to obtain advanced placement credits for the trainings that they have undergone.

Vocational-technical high schools in the region provide many trade programs suited for adults who wish to apply as a licensed practical nurse. Although community and technical colleges do not offer licensed practical nurse programs in the past and currently, it has been analyzed many times but still is under consideration.

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