LPN Programs in New Jersey

If you are looking into becoming a licensed practical nurse in New Jersey, you should be looking for the right schools that will equip you in becoming a competent LPN and a qualified overall professional health care provider.

There are great many LPN Programs in New Jersey that offer programs which last for four semesters and offer both theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience that are much needed to become a competent LPN. There are different schedules for the classes, day, afternoon, and evening which allows flexibility especially for those who have a full time or part time job. You have the liberty to choose your own schedule depending on whichever one is most convenient to you.

There are programs that maintain affiliations with several medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics and private practices in New Jersey in order to better expose the students to the practical aspect of being a licensed practical nurse. Problem Based Learning or PBL is often used as a method of instruction in many programs as it has been found to be one of the most effective ways of learning especially for people who are in the medical field.

A licensed practical nursing program in New Jersey also includes case studies where the students will be handling actual patients and they will be tasked to do various kinds of exercises in preparation for their actual work in medical institutions. Some programs even so as far as exposing students to patients who are mentally ill and give them actual responsibilities to care for the same and be graded according to their actual performance.

Some of the subject matters that are taught include Nursing Fundamentals, Pediatric Care, Human Biology, and English Composition. Students are also taught about proper interaction with a patient as well as the development of their people skills which are very important on the job.

Those who have an LPN diploma are qualified to take the NCLEX-PN certification exams that lead to license in the field of Practical Nursing. If you are to take on the challenge of Practical Nursing studies, you are expected to devote the proper amount of time in order to learn the basics and advance accordingly.

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