Are you in the lookout for LPN Programs in Georgia? Before you do so, you must make sure that you know what you are getting into. As a licensed practical nurse (LPN), also known as licensed vocation nurse (LVN), you will undergo a program that you can finish within a year or less on your chosen licensed practical nursing schools in Georgia.

This is not something that you will think about as a long-term career. You must still aim to be a registered nurse (RN) if you aiming for a more stable job that can be a source of income which can help you raise a family. Before you become an RN, you must have completed a diploma in nursing, Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN). You must also pass a nursing certification exam to qualify.

As an LPN, you will likely be employed in medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and doctors' offices. But first, you must pass a state licensing exam (NCLEX-PM) after you have graduated from a program that you haven taken in any licensed practical nursing schools in Georgia. The usual tasks of a licensed practical nurse include taking the patient's temperature, either rectally or orally, blood pressure, feeding and giving patients their baths. You may also be tasked to empty Foleys, colostomy bags and J-pegs. You will also assist patients to exercise by walking them around or helping them stretch out their muscles.
If you will be working in a hospital, you will be under a Registered Nurse. You will report to them the changes in your patient's condition and their reactions to treatments and medications. You must be very careful in doing your tasks. You must only do what the RN told you to. If you will go beyond what was asked, the RN will be held responsible for that kind of action. As an LPN, you will likely find jobs at nursing homes, offices of doctors, medical clinics and hospitals.

You must plan your career path from the start. This way, you will aspire to aim higher while learning from all the tasks that you will be given by being a licensed practical nurse.

LPN Programs in Georgia
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