LPN Salaries

Being a licensed practical nurse is a very noble job, some would even say that it is more of a vocation than a career because of the number of people that benefit from their assistance. It is a fulfilling job to many and there are still a lot of young people who are aspiring to become LPNs.

So what kind of LPN salaries you can expect to have?

The one thing that almost all individuals consider when looking for a job or deciding on a career, is the amount of money that they will be getting from it. A licensed practical nurse salary varies depending on various factors such as qualification, the location of the job, and the type of institutions they are to work in.

An LPN who had just finished his studies as such will have a significantly lower salary than those who are already tenured. If you have just started working, you should expect a lower salary compared to when you have acquired more experience

In some states, the licensed practical nurse salary can be higher than other states so this should be something that you consider before settling on one location. As regards to actual numbers, the estimated mean salary for LPNs as of May 2007 is at $38,940 before taxes. It has also been reported that the highest paying LPN jobs are at $57,000 after taxes. This shows that there is a wide discrepancy on the pay for this particular job.

There is a discrepancy in salary based on the location of the jobs because the cost of living is a major determinant in the wage calculation. As it is, you will definitely get paid more in Malibu than you will in Sta. Barbara although they are in the same state because it is much more expensive living in the area of the former than in the latter.

It is also important to consider the type of institution you are to work for. For instance, hospitals tend to pay more than clinics because there are infinitely more responsibilities in hospitals than in clinics. Some nursing homes pay more than others depending on the level of quality of the place as well as the range of prices paid by the families of the elderly.

Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants:

Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA)

National Average Wage: $20,540 ($9.86 an hour)

Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse:

National Average Wage: $32,300 ($15.53 an hour)

Registered Nurse:

National Average Wage: $49,840 ($23.96 an hour)

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